Bulletin 02 February 16



President Ian welcomed us all back to the Club with a Happy New Year message.

Saturday 13th Feb, we are having a BBQ at Mitre10 to raise funds for Polio Plus; Mark Wilson is co-ordinating a roster for the day.

Thursday 25th Feb we are participating in the Americarna event at NP Airport with car parking duties 12.30-2pm

Vera Lynn Charity Concert will be held at the 4th Wall Theatre on 27th and 28th May starring singer and entertainer Vicky Lee. Tickets are available through our Club and a percentage of ticket sales will go to Rotary.

50th Jubilee Committee will meet at President Ian’s house on 11th Feb

Brian Milestone gave a report on the letter of thanks we received from Plunkett for our donation that was used for courses in South Taranaki. The letter also detailed where the funds were distributed which showed how successful the donation had been.



Tonight’s fines by Mick O’Connor were an easy haul of cash by simply asking us all one question:-

“If you stayed at home over Christmas, then pay up please!”



Stand in Alec Hutchinson’s soap was entitled “The eyes have it” a pun from voting etiquette but it took a more serious angle about the cost of consulting eye specialists linked with the history of St. John’s eye hospital in Jerusalem.


Guest Speaker

Tonight’s guest was Teia Wallace, current Dux of Spotswood College who came along to talk about her “journey” from early childhood in Taumarunui and then moving to New Plymouth at age 11 which catapulted her academically due to the strong friendship she attained at Spotswood coupled with her liking of Social Sciences has led her to pursue the desire to become a Lawyer and as such will begin a stint at Otago University to study for a BA in Law and also in Arts.

Teia also gave us a detailed story on her trip to Vietnam which she funded herself from working part time with two jobs! We look forward to hearing from Teia again after her next adventure.


Parting Thought:-

Tonight’s parting thought by Kevin Jones was short and sweet but had a big meaning:-

“Nothing will work unless you do!”

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