Bulletin 15 March 16



Our bowls night next week will be a joint venture with Inglewood Club. If anyone is bringing a partner, can you please contact Jenny at McCurdy’s on Tuesday morning for catering purposes. Flat shoes also please.

The District Training Assembly takes place at Palmerston North on Sunday 10th April. If anyone would like to go, please see Andrew in the next week to register.



Tonight’s fines by John Middleton was an education on the current issue with the European Union and the United Kingdom’s referendum whether to stay in the Union.



Tonight’s soap by Denise Fleming was on the worrying subject of Elder Abuse in not only our society but is in fact a global problem across all cultures. In New Zealand there are 8 new reported cases per day with 75% of all cases being psychological abuse and 50% being financial. Denise also continued with a report on the ever increasing amount of “Scam” companies who are specifically targeting the Elderly. It was reported that there were 25 of these companies in 2014 and this has risen to 670 in 2016. Has our society reached a new depth?


Parting Thought

Tonight’s parting thought by Andrew Wylie with a quote from George Bernard Shaw:-

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future”

Posted 4 years ago