Bulletin 23 February 16



This years District Assembly will be in Palmerston North on Sunday 10th April.



Tonight’s fines by Richard Hodges was a loosely based fact fest on the origins of Amercarna in Taranaki.



Tonight’s soap by John Middleton was a report on the current political situation in America with Donald Trump being front and centre in all our thoughts!


Guest Speaker

Tonight’s guest was a return visit by Timothy Parr who after being on the “Spirit of Adventure” was in luck to have been selected as 1 of only 3 New Zealanders to spend 51 days on the “Young Endeavour” which sailed around the Med during the ANZAC 100th anniversary. Timothy, who’s Great Grandfather served at Gallipoli and now an Honorary Ambassador of New Plymouth District, gave us a report on his many experiences during the trip including the highlight of being at Gallipoli coupled with the lifetime friendships he also earned. Timothy is currently training to be a Chef and hopes to be accepted into the N.Z. Navy to begin a career as a Chef.


Parting Thought:-

Tonight’s parting thought by Alistair McIlroy with a quote from Plato:-

“Only the dead have seen the end of war!’”

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